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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Underrated much?

Assalammualaikum, hi and hello!

How's your Ramadhan? How's your day so far? Mine's great, thank you :3
So have you ever heard of The Civil Wars?
One word. Eargasm. Those who love slow country-like songs should listen to em. Not only the music's great but the lyrics are as well. They are not typical and unlike mainstream songs'.

For example, I've Got This Friend tells about the writers' friends. A man and a woman. Both have got a lot in common and it's been said that it'll be such a shame if they never meet.

They've released their first album, Barton Hollow on February 1, 2011. Read it more here. My favorite songs are:

Joy Williams and John Paul White are two great songwriters. Enough said. In my place, they're quite underrated -_____-"

Okay I guess I better go now. Gotta study. LOL yeah right, Laila. -.- We've got exams tomorrow tho.
Till then,

and oh enjoy your last day of weekend!

p.s. it's the last ten days of Ramadhan already :| I never want it to end though. May we are all blessed with His barakah until the very last day of it. Sama-sama kita kejar Lailatulqadar :)

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Melati's closet said...

haven't heard of it,
one word. Eargasm x)

pernah dgr The Perishers? lagu famous- nothing like you and I.
feel free to enjoy it.