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Friday, 20 July 2012

Ramadhan's coming!

Assalammualaikum and greetings everyone!

So how's your day? Mine's great. Well as usual :3
As we all know, tomorrow will be the 1st of Ramadhan. I would like to grab this opportunity to wish you
"Selamat Berpuasa".
And remember fasting ain't about not eating all day but also restraining ourselves from those 'unhealthy habits' of our daily basis. For example, cursing. :p Of course, with the hope that within those 30 days of disciplining ourselves, those habits will bid farewell and left us with a better self.
To those avid smokers, take this as challenge to quit smoking. It's not easy. Yeah I know but it's worth trying.

Oh, to those who are planning a diet, this can be a good start. :) Just make sure the food taken during the fast-breaking is sufficient (in health term :p) and not too much.
Actually, me myself is on a diet =___=

That's all for this time.
Till then.

and here's for you

I love food. Food I do adore. :3


Melati's closet said...

happy fasting to you :)

do enjoy your school life :D


Qad Iskhall said...

oh C! thank you!