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Sunday, 24 June 2012

If Einstein Danced..

Assalammualaikum and hey happy Sunday everyone!

So it crossed my mind. What if you are not what you're meant to be? Somehow strayed from the right path.
Most of us, our early choices are made by our parents. Which school to go, which course to take and what kind of job that suits. Basically because they (our parents) are our only financial source. That's not it. Some are lucky enough to decide on their own.


What if Siti Nurhaliza's father asked her to be a policewoman instead? Would she be catching thieves now instead of performing and winning countless number of awards? In case Balotelli's mother ordered him to take a ballet class and be a famous ballet dancer someday, would he be playing for Italy? (not a football fan). And what if famous inventors of today wasn't triggered to invent anything and just lazied around.. my.. I wondered what would happen to me. =.=

Those great people followed their hearts. Decisions were made. Tough ones. Now look at the results.

So whatever your dream is. No matter how absurd it might be or how impossible to achieve you think it is, give it a shot.
Till then, Adios :3

happy day ahead!

p.s. this is random. currently listening to Bad Boy by Big Bang for the eighteenth time.

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