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Friday, 16 March 2012

Just Some Updates

Assalammualaikum and err greetings y'all!

Yeah it's been a long time since I last blog. I miss it, though. Y'know things aren't the same anymore. I used to have this kinda urge to blog like almost every day. I do have this sorta feeling. Urm jealous maybe? Of those fellow schooolmates. They always got things, and ideas. And I rather admit that sometimes I wish I can be like Kak Nisa. She always got new entries coming up. *sigh* Enough of those already.

So recently I've sat for my exam. And the result of most subjects are already given actually. I got C for Geo -.- jyeah 62 percent, precisely. 77 percent for Sejarah. Now that's what I call a miracle. Y'know I never get above 65 for Sejarah. let alone 70 and above. I'm grateful enough fir that. Science 83. KHB 80. As for Maths and English, we are given the paper 1 marks, only. 35/40 and 38/40 respectively.

To be honest, i don't even wanna thing about that exam anymore but gah, I have to. The next exam will be on May if I'm not mistaken.

There was also a sukaneka goin on. Finally. A getaway.

that is.. err. nevermind

Sapphire vs Ruby

lol. camwhores


Sapphire's Maria Elena. 

Though we didn't manage to win anything it was fun. :D

And yesterday, some of my friends came over.
We went to Dayang Salhah's new factory which was situated quite near fraom my home. Did some research and interview and yadayadayada went home and we cooked spaghetti! yay. k lame -.-

That's all. And yeah I love em to bits.
phew this is one long entry.
Until next time,

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Melati said...

remember me? once called C . hew :3