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Friday, 2 December 2011

The Treasures


I don't know why but suddenly I had the urge to do this.

Friendship was a meaningless ten-letter word to me back then when I was just a cold hearted, selfish yet heartless girl who enjoyed her time of being undoubtedly mean. Yep. That was me. I know nothing of such thing. In fact, I never even intended to. Yeahyeahyeah I clearly realized how cheesy this really sounded but here, now, I just wanted to express how I really felt bout so-called thing named friendship.

When I was six, my friends were Yayah, Dayang, Nadia and Asfa. To me, friends were just a bunch of other kids whom we enjoyed being with.

Then, I met Siti. I was seven. She was like an another sister of mine. Later did I know that we can share almost everything with a friend, even the boy of your dream.

When I was ten, I realized that somehow your closest friend might betray you, too. I also realized that you can lose your best friend in ways you less expected.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I came to fully understand this phrase when I met Royson. He was a playmate, a buddy and even a crying shoulder. We shared stories, cracked jokes, laughed and cried together. But they said, we can’t have too much of a good thing, can we? I waved him farewell when my family decided to return home to Kuching.

Then, it was high school time. Here, friendship taught me dramas, crisis, betrayal and even love. I got Husna. We fought a lot. No doubt. She was a sister and err sometimes a brother. She protected me. Haha.

Later, I made more and more new friends and so far I’ve also sorted out the true ones out of the not.

ze alpharians

the drama crew

the UNO

labuan oh la la

The Uno again 
the young musicians
the awesomer

Haha. I know this is nothing much and you might find it quite lame.
Friendship to me is now like a special power. hoho. Kamekameha! You got it you're awesome.
Thanks Husna, Rahmah, Ajies, Abe, Siti, Faten, Tkot, Ijan Faten dan lain-lain. You guys sure rock ma days!

p.s. aku teramatla bosan sampai ter-klmj



mr_abs said...

ada rami lagik urg ktk akan temu klak. no wory :)

Qadriah M Isnadi Khallid said...

yep. for sure. :D