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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cantik Bersama Otak

Assalammualaikuum eberibadi.
First and foremost, this might not sound like the typical me but err *sigh* I just wish to share :)

Beauty With A Brain
Beauty with a brain, that is, defined as possessing the outer beauty with the complement of such wisdom. Outer beauty, as we all knew can be obtained through various ways such as with a little help of modern technologies of beauty such as beauty products, saloons, spas, surgeries, traditional practices, and etcetera. Okay. Let’s put that all aside. Seriously, I am slightly disappointed with some, well you can say, young ladies of today which seems to neglect this vital element; knowledge. Yes. Bet you know it well. Kenapa aku buang masa menaep entri yang serupa bajet bagus ni? Haprak. Teruskan baca.

Well, they insist that by having pure beauty which they pathetically think is about outer beauty only will err somehow ensure a better way of living. I agree that appearance affects people’s first impressions towards us but c’mon girlfriends, can you just please care less? Ini tak, kau takut nanti mamat tu lalu tengok tudung kau tu spoil sikit habisla kau dok gelabah asyik betulkan every 2 minutes. Wadehek dudette? Okay, a confession. Such situation actually happened to me. No exception. Aku pun buat macam tu. By what we can clearly see,most girls around the globe want to look beautiful, glamorous and so on just to live that life under the spotlight. Bukan nak kata aku tak suka tapi please lah. You just want attention ke apa or just nak take advantage je with kelebihan yang sementara itu?

If beautiful is defined as having a fair yet flawless skin, a blonde, brunette or silky black hair, a pair of glistening eyes, a perfect nose, a sexy pout, big pair of boobs, small waist, big bumps and long legs, we might as well be a Barbie doll instead, kan? 
Nak cantik pun, penuhkanlah ilmu di dada dulu. Kau nak ke orang panggil kau the dimwitted pretty or the dumb blonde? Cantik bagai Miss World atau seksi bagai Maria Ozawa sekalipun takda gunanya kalau bodoh kurang bijak.


Sebenarnya, memang lumrah girls tend to look pretty (and prettier) sebab lelaki. Tak? Ngaku je lah. Tapi cuba kalau ada ilmu or skill pasal something then komfem boleh kasi impress lagi kan?
Ada juga yang nak cantek sebab nak outstand orang lain or precisely nak popular. Let say kau memang Ratu Cantik kolej kau and kau top scorer Chemist, mesti lagi baik, macam aiskrim vanilla taruk Hershey’s syrup with some Smarties.

            Sebenarnya, kecantikan tu obviously something which is not fully ours. Kita semua tahu tu hanyalah pinjaman. Bila-bila masa boleh Allah ambik balik. Somehow with that knowledge and faith of yours, you’ll be more grateful. Beauty tu macam bonus je. So please dear girlfriends, young ladies and even women, jangan jadi mangsa. Tak salah jadi cantik

Not saying that I’m a Miss Know-It-All apa segala. Malu sebenarnya tengok girls diperbodohkan or worse memperbodohkan diri. For sure, taking cautious acts definitely worth

Well, correct me if I’m wrong then.
Aku juga taklah bijak. Bajet bagus adala.

This is somehow a reminder for myself, too and together we can make a difference ;)

Your beauty is not your physical beauty - it is your soul. The rest is clay. [source : the Call]

p.s. aku hengsem dan hawt dan gojes. haktuii


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