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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Maseh Nak Bajet?


These past few days seems to teach me something. Thanks to those someones, I've realized how vain I've been. When anger most likely to control, I simply do things without using my brain. My words especially.
I tend to address, offend and even curse. Gosh. And yeah thanks to that someones, I am determined to make a turning point. No more hatred. No more oh-aku-hebat-sukati-aku-nak-kata-apa. No more bullshits. No more unnecessary annoyance.  (Well, perhaps a bit.) Serious lah, Lailaa.

This might sound cheesy but err I wanna change. And nope I'm not gonna let this remains as words. Yes, bebeh. Me gonna walk the talk. But first I seriously need to gather up some courage. I gotta apologize.
May this intention be blessed and carried out well.



Aku Mad said...

lepak ctok kejap..

Qadriah Mohammad said...

lamak2 pun sikpa :D

Miziey said...

Aih, apa mksd entri towk?
Kmk udah la BI x bpa nak pass glak. Tauk yes & no ajak. Keh3.

Mok change kah? mok jd apa? kereta or peti sejok? ahahahahahah..

Qadriah Mohammad said...

Jadi selipar pun hengsem juak