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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hit it Hard, then.


How's your day, so far? Great? Good then.
Here's the thing.
When we've done wrong,we're supposed to make it right.
When we've done a mistake, we're supposed to urmm correct them, perhaps?
How many of us really do so actually?
Shouldn't we just at least listen?
Count me out. I didn't. Well. There's time.
Sometimes we tend to perasan bagus that when others try to like point out our mistakes, we'd be like all pissed off and maki hamun orang balik. Wadehek bro?

It'll be much much much easier if you just admit it and change.

Sometimes we just love to bajet bagus and that 'sometimes' happened to me.

Hit yourself hard. Make a wake-up call. Turn a new leaf. Accept others' opinions and if you really intend to object, do it in a proper way instead of main hambur tak tentu pasal.

Kan senang if ikut cara Rasulullah which is bermesyuarat? Bukan nak ceramah berjela. This kinda situation happened a lot in my life. I bet it happened in yours, too. Instead of expressing your dissatisfaction in unpleasant yet rude ways why not voice it out in a proper and suitable medium.

I'm sorry if the thought of this fourteen-year-old is not what you wanna read. I don't mind if you'd say that this piece of writing is from someone yang bajet bagus. Been through that a lot. Abah said it was fine. Besides, I'm getting used to peple saying,
"Alah, Laila tu memang.."

Trimas sedozen lah. :D
Aku kan tough lagi hengsem :3 Bak kata Kak Maria Elena,
"Btw, terror bukan 'scary', terror is hebat. you know hebat? ala, hebat looks like me."

ahaks *ketawa gediks


Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog.Well agreed with your opinion.Better cakap baik2 instead of caci maki that person.But at the some level kita pun kena bertegas jugak right? Have a nice day ahead.Happy eid Adha. :)

Qadriah Mohamad said...

trimas. you, too :D