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Saturday, 1 October 2011

What Kinda Blogger

Assalaaaaaamu'alaikum :)

See the title? Yeah mann. What kinda blogger I am? Before that, there is 'kinds' of blogger? Of course lah.
Okayy. Most bloggers including me myself blog about their passions, life and stories. I bet each and every stories are special yet unique coz hey here I am :3

Some blog for da cha-ching cha-ching.
Some blog for those glam and glitters. The attention that they crave so much. Ergh =.=
Some blog to be known. 
Some blog to spread the words.
Some blog to just merely share almost everything.
Some bloggers love photography and post those photos that oh boy I envy too much.
Some bloggers are just Masters of Sarcasm.
Some bloggers really got high fashion sense.

And there's me, a rookie. A noob in this blog thingy. Like seriously. Seorang yang sangat bajet bagus.
Life as a student in a well-known school in my state, an SBP which is Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuching, a fully-residential school did triggered me to write and share more. Gosh. The pack schedules, the whole 'expectation beyond limitation' thing, dramas, cliques and friendships. Man. Aku siap boleh buat telenovela ala Rosalinda. And I'm there for almost two years now. Phew. Tough luck. Banyak cerita yang akan dikongsi.
I also love music. Any kind. A confession. I'm SO out-of-date. Tatau sangat lagu-lagu baru. Teehee. Aku pedulik hape. Evergreen kan? Tak kesah sangat la kan?

source: weheartit

Most importanly. I post random things and stories. More like merapu merepek melalut tak tentu. I regard myself as a mere storyteller that tells true story which somehow is too good to be true. :D

wajah seorang penglipurlara abad millenium ;)

p.s. muka di atas lah yang akan anda dapat andai bersahabat dengan alien Pluto. Mine is worse cause I've fall head over heels of that Plutorian. Merapu tapi benar. Sorry Diddy :P


princess ayu said...

hahahha saya blogger yang ape ek?? :)

NL Qadriah Mohamad Isnadi said...

@princess ayu , ikut suka awakla nak tntukan :)