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Friday, 21 October 2011

What Abah Had Taught Me

ta-ta-ta ta-daaaaa

like Abah like daughter

That's my Abah and next to him is err.. umm.. me =.=' . Can't you see the obvious resemblance?
Macam mana acuan macam tu lah kuehnya :D

Abah is indeed one of the people that has inspired me of what I am today. He has taught me quite some lessons that I'd say till this moment I won't forget.
One of his best qualities his unbeatable high sense of humor. His jokes are pergh memang outta the box. Aku nak selit pun tak gheti. Well, I guess that has made what I am now :P
He somehow always got ways to make us laugh when there are time where we never tend to.

 On top of everything, there's this one lesson that he has taught us. He never want us to underestimate or look down on other people no matter who they are or whatever the circumstance is. Pantang besar tu baiii. It doesn't matter la if we're VIP kah apa kah. Nope. Never. He always told us,
"You want to be great? Awesome? Then be. I won't object. But please, stay humble no matter who you are 'cause either way we're still standing on the the same ground yet looking at the same sky. Semuanya still hak-Nya"
Memang kasi tabek spring kaw-kaw punya lah kat Abah.
Yes. Kakak sikkan lupak ya.

That's why every time I come across a situation where there's this nasty jerk tryin to mock or look down on somebody else, I immediately think of this. Okay. Just because you got more than them, doesn't mean you've the right to say such things to despise those who are umm less-lucky than you are. Just because you think you always got more than anyone else, still, doesn't mean you've earned a ticket to simply boast and brag kann?

 So please please please. whoever you are. No matter banyak mana pun kau ada. Ingat la. Never underestimate yet pandang hina nor pandang rendah kat orang tu.

I miss Abah.
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