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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

super MARIO

ta-ta-ta ta-da!
 *background lagu Super Mario
lompat katak lompat

okay. Have you watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love (First Love)? A Thai movie starring Mario Maurer? Mario who? Super Mario? Mario Lopez?  Mario Casas? Maria Elena? Oops :D Pardon me, Kak Maria :) Inilah dia Mario Maurer. Feast your eyes please dear whoever-is-reading.
He's hot and cute. No. SUPER CUTE. Gila merapu merepek pulak aku ni kan asyik nak post pasal mamat je? =.=
It's never like that, braderrrrrrrrrrrrr. I just wished to share. (Y) Peace!

hai awwwwak




charming enough

and here's the heroine

before and after

ain't she sweet?

Cerita tu memang sumpah lawak plus romantik. It's kinda a true story that almost each and everyone of us experienced. Mostly on how we react with our crushes and how hard we would go just to impress that crush? Call yourself pathetic but in First Love, Nam proved that somehow sincerity is what it takes. And Chone@Shone (Mario) proved that love really need sacrifices to determine whether it'll worth.


I'm sorry if you think it is SO MERIMASKAN sebab banyak gambar. blog aku. Aku post. Lantak aku la. Kau bukannya bayar broadband aku :D
Nevertheless, I think it's wayyy better if you just watch the trailer instead of the photos for a better picture of the story that had captivated the heart of a KamenRider :)
Here's for you


or better, download and watch it. i guaranteed it worth.

trimas sedozen

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