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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Rebecca Who?

Hello there! Tumpang tanya. Ni sapa ek?

Rebecca sapa? Oh. Rebecca Black. Call me out-of-date. Aku tak kesah. The thing is when one of the girlfriends asked (together with the bimbo act)

"Eh Laila, kenal Rebecca Black tak?"

And together with my jerk-ish face

"Sapa tu? Erk. Takkenal la. Sori"

"Wei. Ketinggalan la kau. Rebecca Black yang hot tu. yang nyanyi lagu Friday tu. Alaaaa.."

Friday? Pulak. Lagu pe lagi tu?

"Sori la. Aku memang tatau. And tanak tau" =.=

blah la kau, Kamen.. Such conversation never existed FYI.
Ohmagawd. Guess what. Moments later I did checked on who-the-heck-is-this-Rebecca. And again, ohmagawd. LAME. Nothing much actually. Still nak kecoh haprak. Bila dengar lagu tu pun erk o.O whatacrap is that? C'mon la. Don't they make good music enough these days? Yeah I'm not that good either but hey takkanla? And oh. Her friends, err. They did 'help' a lot in the MV.
And oh, disebabkan video yang err-entahlah itu, Rebecca became famous! Phew. Talk about instant fame. She was even featured in my Katy Perry's new video, Last Friday Night. Geez. TGIF!


macam retarded. =.=

Haha. I bet sapasapa yang tengah baca ni have watched ze video. Well, now me present you ze 
Malay version of Friday. (gosh)


PERGH. Memang hantu gak lagu Friday tu. Or Rebecca yang berhantu. Lantak le. Apapa pun this girl memang

Sekali lagi, aku memang ketinggalan zaman. So don't even bother to ask pasal anything up-to-date kay?

p/s: Friday is err the song with the most dislikes. Pathetic? Try Jenna Rose- My Jeans instead.
Assalammualaikum :)

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