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Sunday, 30 October 2011

It's Proven..

..that I'm a human.

I made mistake. No. Mistakes. Lost count of them.
I got my heart broken as well. I shouldn't have done that. Shouldn't even think about it. Well, mostly because I thought it would turn out so well. So perfect.
So far, I've watched, observed and even solved those dramas yet I'm stuck with my own. Pretty pathetic huh? Nice one Lailaaa. You've done it again.
Perhaps, I should just urmm give up on it? Yeah. I mean it's obviously hopeless. But it's never meaningless. Ever. It meant a lot. It even brought some huge changes in life. Won't deny it. May it last though.
Thanks whole lot, d..

I'll just stop showing it. God knows better.
I'm not gonna waste another day livin in despair. You're an inspiration. I'll live with that. I'll do. InsyaAllah.

gonna put a stop to this whole mushy gooey goo thingy tho. Cheesy enough huh? Suits me well. I'm a noob. Merci.


Rara. said...

i also make mistake~

Qadriah Mohamad said...

@Rara , Ain't we all did?