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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Heart Heart Heart!


hello (with smoky voice)

Gosh. I've just realized that I'm actually urm fall in love with Adam? Yeah. So true. Thanks to Ummi Rahmah or best known as Rahmah William. Everytime the song Stereo Hearts is on air, we'll both sing like there's no tomorrow. I mean err shout maybe? Kinda addicted. Dahla. Nak tunjuk Adam je :3 Feast your eyes.

Hai. Nak nombor? teehee

Tumpang tanya, kenapa saya HOT sangat?

Adam's lookin at me among that huge crowd.
Love at first sight perhaps? :P

with or without tux. still HOT.

He said it.
tatu itu.

err. rawrr?

nak belaja ngan awak boleh?

He's HOT even when it comes to
hailing a cab.

That's all. They said you can't have too much of a good thing rite? So face it.
Si Merapu mengundur diri.


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