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Friday, 7 October 2011

Empila dan KAMI

Alhamdulillah. We've arrived here safe and sound yesterday.
Okay. Our task here is to share with them our knowledge and experience. And seriously dude, that is ONE TOUGH CHALLENGE. huaa.

Yes. We simply can't turn em to a genius or something but hey that ain't the aim. We've aimed that at least some that we've taught benefits em. Tak kira la apapun. And oh budak-budak SK Empila memang gila nak kenakan aku. Malam tadi, aku pulak kena hukum. grr =.=
Just now, they were about to choose a leader whose task is to shout. Mannnn. Doramg tau suara aku memang  ala-ala Star Wars clash dengan radio cabuk yang dah rosak that's why dorang pilih. Takpetakpe. Aku kan sporting macam sport rim karat :D ngee~

The food pulak. Pergh. Memang mantop. Masakan kampung ori. Feels like home woo. Lunch tadi makan chicken curry, chili prawn, ikan terubuk masin and ulam kangkung with sambal belacan. Memangla.

Eh eh. Petang ni aku da slot. Fun with English. Wah. Aku? Tak percaya? Memang. English aku pun merapu je :P May all went as planned. Amin

Got to go. Will update as often as possible.


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