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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

aku bukan Sejarawati. Aku srikandi. Sorry title macam keju alias cheesy


I hate recollecting the past,to be true. It's like you dig up a garbage bin for something that you've decided to throw once upon a time ago. I regret my action. If I knew this, I wouldn't do that in the first place.
But why?
Why, Laila, why?
Now, here's some of the worst parts of reminiscing it. My oh my.
Firstly, if it's something hurtful enough, you will have to bear the pain once again. When you recall all that awful moments, it's like you experience the same thing all over again just this time you know it somehow burn in the back of your mind.

Mak!!! Tipah teringatkan Dollah! huwaaaa

Secondly, remembering the past is just like hitting the 'Pause' button of your life. Come on, you gotta move on, not just stuck yourself there thinking bout where did all go wrong. Somehow you yourself know that you got to carry on with your present.


Thirdly, some things are better kept silent. This part is where you'll get all mushy mushy gooeey gooo with let's say one of your friends.
      "Jenot, I remember the day Leman took me to this garden. We went star-gazing. Poyo kan? Tapi sweet macam popcorn hangus. So romantic, you know. He said it was his first time bringing a girl here"
*grin macam shialll
     "But, Bedot. Leman told me that I was the first girl, not you."
And blah blah blah, they'll quarrel which consequently lead to a big big fight.
Pathetic enough I'd rather say. (Of course I know the story above doesn't relate much but I'm sure you got the picture well.)

"Dahla, Senah. Aku tamau kawan kau dah. Kau curik poster Kamen Rider aku!"

Lastly, the subject History or Sejarah obviously about the past.
And I, Kamenrider of the twenty-first century officially dislike the subject. No. Not dislike.
Mostly because  I just clearly enough don't have that glitterly magical specialty of understanding History. I know I have to improve! I must! PMR braderrrrrr.
I can't bear holding another History exam paper in my hand with a B or a C on the top-right of the paper as a result.

"Cipan, Sejarah aku tak dapat A. isk isk"
"Aku bukan cipan. Ugak2 anak gajah Si Senah =.="

Tak sanggup gua.
Insyaallah. I will.
Nantikanlah kemunculan Sejarawati Laila. Wahahaha. Didi Si Sejarawati pun okeh gak?




C said...

hey srikandi :)
sometime , when we flash our memories,
maybe we'll cry ,
the greatest and sweetest history will make we smile and laugh like a crazy person .

life is like a circus . nice one :DD

Qadriah Mohamad said...

Trimas @C . Saya budak noob yang baru nak belajar merangkak atas skateboard. actually, i highlighted my 'dislikeness' towards subjek Sejarah.hoho