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Friday, 16 September 2011

Review Review Review Bukuuu :)

The Gift by Cecelia Ahern.

wahwahwah. Baruk nak ngabis sigek buku =.= Laila oh Laila. Kelak meloba ambik buku baruuu sak jak sigek gik sik tekabe =.= nang Loba
wahaha :D Let's get down to business, shall we?
(review ini hasil dari pandangan saya sendiri. harap maklum. bukanla sinopsis. hanya pandangan. short and sweet. maaf dipinta)

This book highlights on Lou Suffern, a busy guy that got so much on his hands.His tight schedules or should I say overburdened gives him a little quality time with his loved ones and it pretty much upsets em. Until one fine cold winter morning. outside his office building, he met Gabe, a homeless stranger that somehow he consider as another him. He reconsider to give Gabe a job. There's one thing that puzzles him the most : Gabe seems able to be at two place at the same. I mean it literally. Arum bulak ngutik juak rupa eh =.=
Haaaaa. jengjengjeng. sik pian nak molah sinopsis. nama pun Review. for full synopsis here

ok ok ok. This story mostly tells bout the greatest gift of all time ; the time itself. It's too precious. It's kinda like a coin or a token that you only gotta spend once. Value it. Treasure it. Spend it wisely. Someday we'll realize how limited time that we got. And as a student of a fully residential school, time is very valuable yet almost too limited. Tight schedule and all. Phew. I wonder how they survived! =.= On the whole, this book is really worth reading. Memangla to those yang bukan kaki novel or ulat buku something, this book will lead you to ultimate boredom. But believe me, this piece by Cecelia will trigger you somehow. Enjoy it!

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