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Friday, 12 August 2011

You :)

I'm sittin in my room. All by myself.
Thinkin bout you..~
Ewah Ewah Ewah. Asa pa jak kau La.. ngahaha
ok. Let's get down to business. This special entry is ALL about you :)
You care like a friend, always.
Your sweet smile, mesmerized me.
You treat everyone with the courtesy they deserve.
Not to mention you never forget your responsible as His servant.
That quality captivated me.
You're funny. No. You're hilarious.
You're the one who make me laugh when you know I'm about to cry.
You're smart. A natural leader.
I fall in love you over and over again.
You protect me like a dad.
You advise me like a mum.
We fight like sisters, that we yell at each other and laugh the hell out of it.
You understand me like no one else do.
And on top of all, you love me for I am.
Yes. It's you.
And I just haven't met you yet.
I might have to wait. I'll never give up.
Insyaallah. If God wills, I'll find you.
Or maybe. Just maybe. You're actually right before my eyes. It's just a matter of time.

p.s. Someday in the future I might encounter this between pages of my diaries and smile and thought to myself,
" Asa pa jak aku tok. Kecik kecik gik dah mike nak kedak tok. wahaha :D sikpasikpa. Atleast I've found You :)"

 wah wah wah. macammacam =.= hee

enough said. stay for more ^^

السلام عليكم
Peace be unto you

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