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Friday, 12 August 2011

Sharing Is Loving ~

~ السلام عليكم

Assalammualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh dear Muslimin and Muslimat or whoever is reading this. This time, allow me to share something that maybe some of us would rather keep our eyes shut to this matter.
This a little piece of sharing is about  Palestine.
Yes. Palestine. Before that, how many of us know bout it?
To be frank, me myself, I've heard of it but know less. Until last Friday night..
Our school invited a representative of Aman Palestine. (if I'm not mistaken). Aman Palestin is an organisation
 established to help our Muslims brothers in Palestine. It is a non profit company.

Masjidil Aqsa, the third most holy mosque in the world, the second mosque built on this earth and the first qiblat before Kaabah is now at risk. 

Those fighters there, they fight for their land, Our Land. While we here, what's the least we can do??
Well I'm not gonna repeat the whole talk. I can't tell it detail.I might give the incorrect info.

I'm taking my part here, the least this girl can do is to spread the words. Well you can do the same. Maybe in your own different ways. Dear whoever-is-reading,

feel free to click the link below. Rajinrajinla mengunjungi. You might fine it useful.

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