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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Raya Oh Raya

Assalammualaikum dear lovers 
 see the title?
Raya Oh Raya
Happy Eid Ul Fitr everyone!!!!

okayy. This may be a long entry cuz tada ! Here I present the chronology , my chronology of this year's Eid.
From the countdown to the day itself.

28th of Ramadhan 1432 ( 28th of August 2011)

One more. Just one more baju kurung left. So together with my undoubtedly gorgeous mom and her till-death-do-us-apart BFF, Aunt Mel we had a GIRLS' DAY OUT. But uhh we brought Daniel along by the way. 

and planned to break fast at some fast food restaurant and we chose SCR. guess what. no more seats. Fully reserved. So we gotta went  all the way to Tabuan and to Satok and back to Tabuan. Last last, sungkei lam keta =___= sugus with coke. 
Finally.ada jugak tempat. Makan kat Tabuan's SCR.

Then went to I-don't-remember-the-name-of-the-store which sold souve and there's A VARIETY of Angry Bird's stuff!!!! OMG. I was speechless and my jaw dropped literally. So I grabbed everything that caught my eyes.
Next, me and my mom try some new shades and man they're HOT!!! 

me.didnt buy it =.=
mum's. Versace. 200

sisters! (gosh. i looked like a zombieee)

an attempt to act all adorable. succeeded? well, you decide :D

ohmagawd. i'm in love with that looks as gorgeous as I AM :3

29th of Ramadhan 1432 (29th of August 2011)nothing actually. Just went shopping some few other stuffs.and oh. CAMWHORING with adek :D and I started wearing shawl :3 it's more comfy than the ordinary  tudung bawal . But still, our main point of wearing hijab is to fulfill our obligation right? Not for the sake of being acknowledged as a fashionista. :D

talk about being sceptical =.=

1st of Syawal 1432 ( 30th August 2011)

Yayy it finally come :D
I, Nur Lailatul Qadriah bt Mohd Isnadi  would like to wish you

Happy Eid Ul Fitr
maap zaher baten :)))

that's all. thank you. btw just ignore that oh-i'm-cute face

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