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Friday, 12 August 2011

DD, I'm sorry :/

dear Mister, 
Yes I'm falling for you. Why?
Peribadi awak. Everything pasal awak. And seriously I can't figure out why. 
It's funny to recall that we've never spoke to each other before. I bet we even didn't even realize that each other exists.I had a crush on you. Yes. I did. 
Sorry if I annoyed you with all those 'kirimsalams'. I actually wished to start a conversation but to be honest, I got speechless. I guess you noticed that. gosh.
Sorry if my childish acts annoyed you.
thank you for proving me that I was wrong all this while. I thought every guy would be just the same. Just as disappointing as that d*ckhead guy. 
Yep. You proved me that there is someone worth trusting.

I never hope for more. Being friends is always far from enough.
Thanks Dd :')

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